April 2023

Location: Sterup, Germany

Commissioned by: Patrick Boehme, Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR)

Photography: Mar Gimeno Lumbiarres, Stefan Mühlenhoff, Maurice Weiss

This most recent episode of the Curated Catastrophe Procedure was made possible by the German TV broadcasting station NDR as a TV pilot (watch it here). The TV pilot introduced us to Patrick Boehme, the protagonist of the pilot.

Although the project was framed as a TV format and given a challenging time frame, all involved parties strongly believed that it would only be successful if the real spatial issues of Patrick´s habitat were addressed as thoroughly as possible.

So, in contrast to the regular course of the Curated Catastrophe Procedure, we were secretly briefed by the authors of the TV format and developed a possible action plan. However, it still had to be approved by Patrick, so we created a pitch concept that we presented on first sight.

We all got a bit carried away from there and ended up with a full-scale Curated Catastrophe that fundamentally changed Patrick´s connection to his habitat. The project brought to light his sense for playful and modular interior, bold spatial interventions, as well as his love for hosting people.

Furthermore, nearly the entire Sterup community participated in the process by providing assistance, support, and commitment - Sterup, we’re still in love with you!